Making the American Dream a success

When it comes to fulfilling the American Dream, Sioux Empire Cleaning’s owner, Abdulah Delibasic may have it mastered.

Mr. Delibasic fled war-torn Bosnia during the 1990s. His first stop was in Germany and then he moved to Fargo, North Dakota. As a skilled butcher, on arrival in America he worked in the beef processing industry. When the business he worked for closed in 1999 he moved first to Iowa and then Sioux Falls, SD.

He visited Lutheran Social Services in Sioux Falls and inquired about opening a cleaning business. After leaving Bosnia during the war in the 1990s, Delibasic worked in the cleaning industry during his time in Germany. Although a butcher by trade in Bosnia, Delibasic said he knew enough about commercial cleaning that it piqued his interest when he got to America.

LSS sent Delibasic to the Small Business Administration in Sioux Falls, and it was there that Sioux Empire Cleaning was born. It was also through this relationship that he earned his first client, Lutheran Social Services, in 2000. Over 20 years later they are still a client of Sioux Empire Cleaning!

Today Sioux Empire Cleaning is one of the largest commercial cleaning companies in the region and Abdulah Delibasic and his children are involved in the daily running of the business.

A commitment to his adopted country, city and clients is obvious in everything he does, including sponsoring local charities and youth sports programs.